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Belinda is a fantastic trainer with so much experience and expertise that we are very lucky that she teaches on all our Safeguarding courses. She imparts her enthusiasm and dedication to her job to all the participants of her courses.

Testimonial 10

Great having a trainer who is also a practitioner. The course was practice based rather than simply theoretical. Fantastic use of real life case studies to help our learning.

Testimonial 9

Trainer was friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Excellent use of three days I feel a lot more confidence in meeting my legal duties.

Testimonial 8

Wow – what can I say best training ever!!

Testimonial 7

Very insightful with an experienced trainer who was sensitive to all participants learning needs including those of us that were not very experienced.

Testimonial 6

Excellent training and trainer. Very informative. Great use of practice examples to translate theory into practice.

Testimonial 5

It was very informative and helped build my confidence as a practitioner.

Testimonial 4

Interactive and interesting. Excellent training.

Testimonial 3

Trainer was very knowledgeable and professional. It was good training and I would recommend to all my health colleagues.

Testimonial 2

Trainer was engaging, very professional and informed. The application was very good with ‘real’ cases and we were supported to review our learning. Excellent training.